Marcia Smoke Award

Awarded to the winners of the Women’s K-4 Senior 1000m

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Marcia moved to Michigan in college and stayed there after her marriage to raise a family. She moved from competitive swimming to competitive kayaking in high school. She is the only United States women athlete to win an Olympic Medal in a singles event.

Her older sister Sperry was also an Olympic kayaker as is one of Marcia’s children, her son Jeff. Marcia went on to become a coach and mentor for many famous Michigan paddlers including all of the Deibold’s, Barton’s and Tribold’s.

Olympic Results

  • Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games: BRONZE in K-1 500m
  • Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games: 4th in K-1 500m and 7th in K-2 500m
  • Munich 1972 Olympic Games: 9th in K-1 500m

Other Highlights

  • 35 National Championships titles, including 11 straight for K-1 500m
  • 24 North American Championship titles
  • 1966 World Championships in East Berlin: 5th in K-1 500m, 6th in K-2 500m
  • 1971 World Championships in Belgrade: 9th in K-1 500m, 9th in K-2 500m


2021500 meter (1000m not raced) – Savannah Write, Kaitlyn McElroy, Rachelle Brown, Bria Cornforth
2020Not Awarded due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Kaitlyn McElroy, Alina Urs, Renae Jackson, Samantha Barlow
2018Mia Corrao, Danielle Borm, Leilani Borm, Samantha Barlow
2016Samantha Barlow, Danielle Borm, Leilani Borm, Samantha Lee
2015Samantha Barlow, Danielle Borm, Leilani Borm, Kaimi Yoza
2007(First Awarded) TBD