U.S. Sprint Canoe & Kayak National Championships

2024Lake Lanier, Georgia
2023 Sarasota, Florida
2022Clermont, Ohio
2021Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2020Not held due to Covid-19 pandemic
2019Lake Lanier, Georgia
2018Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2017Clermont, Florida
2016Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2015Chula Vista, California
2014Lake Lanier, Georgia
2013Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2012Seattle, Washington
2011Lake Lanier, Georgia
2010Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2009Lake Lanier, Georgia
2008Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2007Seattle, Washington
2006Lake Lanier, Georgia
2005Seattle, Washington
2004Lake Lanier, Georgia
2003Oakland, California
2002Lake Lanier, Georgia
2001Sacramento, California
2000Lake Lanier, Georgia
1999Lake Placid, New York
1998Seattle, Washington
1997Lake Lanier, Georgia
1996Orlando, Florida
1995Seattle, Washington
1994Indianapolis, Indiana
1993Indianapolis, Indiana
1992Sacramento, California
1991Indianapolis, Indiana
1990Indianapolis, Indiana
1989Indianapolis, Indiana
1988Raleigh, North Carolina
1987Schaumburg, Illinois
1986Indianapolis, Indiana
1985Sacramento, California
1984Lake Placid, New York
1983Indianapolis, Indiana
1982Jasonville, Indiana
1981Jasonville, Indiana
1980Lake Sebago, New York
1979Craftsbury Common, Vermont
1978Syracuse, New York
1977Rockford, Illinois
1976Lake Sebego, New York
1975Washington, DC
1974Cambridge, Ohio
1973Seattle, Washington
1972Cambridge, Ohio
1971Rockford, Illinois
1970Hanover, New Hampshire
1969Lake Sebego, New York
1968Lake Sebego, New York
1967Columbia Lake, Connecticut
1966Travers Island, New York
1965Washington, DC
1964Lake Columbia, Connecticut
1963Lake Sebego, New York
1962City Island, New York
1961Washington, DC
1960Lake Chapin, Michigan
1959Washington, DC
1958Lake Cochituate, Massachusetts
1957Canton, Ohio
1956Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1955Washington, DC
1954Harlem River, New York
1953Lake Sebego, New York
1952Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1951Boston, Massachusetts
1950Lake Sebego, New York
1949Washington, DC
1948Lake Sebego, New York
1947Boston, Massachusetts
1946Washington, DC
1945No race
1944No race
1943No race
1942No race
1941Lake Sebego, New York
1940Lake Sebego, New York
1939New York, New York
1938Washington, DC
1937Worcester, Massachusetts
1936Lake Sebego, New York
1935Princeton, New Jersey
1934Trenton, New Jersey
1933Chicago, Illinois
1932Washington, DC
1931Newark, New Jersey
1930Kanawaukee Lake, New York

Current Active Clubs

See the ACA’s list of current active sprint canoe and kayak clubs, or the listing found on the Ventura Canoe & Kayak Club site.

About This Site

The contents of this website were generated from an effort by Steve Kelly, Jim Ross, and Drew Story, to preserve and record the history of the American sprint canoe and kayak National Championships and its perpetual trophies.

Race results were gathered from many sources including the archives maintained by the Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club and the San Diego Canoe/Kayak Team, as well as historical documents saved by Steve Kelly.

If you have corrections or additional records to share, please contact us.