Mimi LeBeau Award

Awarded to the winner of the Women’s K-1 Junior 500m

Mimi was a top Junior in the United States. She paddled out of the Philadelphia area. She raced and became part of the American team that raced at the at the Junior World Championships in Yugoslavia in 1987. In the Fall of that same year she was enrolled and attending Dartmouth University.

While at Dartmouth she joined the Ledyard Canoe Club and engaged in their outing adventures. She traveled with the team to paddle the West River in Vermont and while on the river overturned and became entrapped in a strainer. Tragically, she died.

Her family and friends created this trophy to honor her and celebrate the hard work and love of life that each winner carries on with them in her name.


2021Audrey Thiessen
2020Not Awarded due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Elena Wolgamot
2018Elena Wolgamot
2017Elena Wolgamot
2016Mira Corrao
2015Samantha Barlow
2014Alyson Morse
2013Alyson Morse
2012Alana Chapko
2011Bailey Nurmia
2010Rebeca Westmoreland
2009Chelsea Smith
2008Nicole Mallory
2007Emily Vinson
2006Emily Mickle
2005Emily Mickle
2004Kalen Lee
2003Kalen Lee
2002Carrie Johnson
2001Nicole Uebel
2000Nicole Uebel
1999Sonrisa Reed
1998Sonrisa Reed
1997Chritina Turney
1996Monica Bridle
1995Lia Rousset
1994Tara Byer
1993Tara Byer
1992Dawn-Marie Scherer
1991Dawn-Marie Scherer
1990Dawn-Marie Scherer (First Awarded)