Andy Toro Award

Awarded to the winner of the Men’s C-1 Junior 200m (Note: Previously was 500m)

Andreas (Andy) Toro competed in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics while he was a Hungarian citizen, and won his Olympic bronze medal while competing for that country. In 1962 he also won a World Championship in the C-1 10,000 meter event. Andy defected from Hungary while at the 1964 Olympics and took up residence in Michigan.

He earned a degree from the University of Michigan and began working as a naval architect and marine engineering consultant. He also began competing in canoe races in this country and when his citizenship came through in 1971, he was then eligible to compete for the United States Olympic team, which he did twice; once in 1972 and again 1976.

Andy also won four U.S. Championships, the C-1 in 1969 and C-2 in 1969-71. After his racing was finished he took to coaching and coached many, many US Olympians in the 1970’s and 1980’s.


2021Weston Hester
2020Not Awarded due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Edward Surles
2018Edward Surles
2017Ryan Grady
2016Kenny Kasperbauer
2015Kenny Kasperbauer
2014Andrew Field
2013 Gavin Ross
2012Gavin Ross
2011David Podloch
2010Andrew Fields
2009Ben Hefner
2008Ben Hefner
2007Sam Wyckoff
2003David Aldrich