USA Sprint Canoe/Kayak Race Results

Sadly, our NGBs do not have all of our records stored which is one reason why this website has been created. Many of these items were saved in the Seattle Canoe Club archives first, and also the San Diego Canoe/Kayak Team’s archives. All of the items prior to 2005 are from Steve Kelly’s personal archive of results and materials. Many thanks to Steve for holding on to these artifacts!

If you have or are aware of additional race results for this archive, please contact us!

Other archive repositories: SCC | SDCKT | Database of Times. For International races, please see the ICF Results page.

Unless otherwise noted, all downloads are in PDF format.

If the results are in “Zipped Web” format, first unzip the archive and then open the “index.html” page or drag and drop the document on your browser window to view the contents. Keep the entire folder/directory of files as they are separate race results.