Columbia Canoe Club (Mrs. Murphy) Award

Awarded to the club with the most points scored in Bantam events (U14)

Columbia Canoe Club was founded by Pat Murphy in 1961 and incorporated in 1966. Pat was known to everyone as “Mrs. Murphy” and would go on to train many paddlers for several decades. Columbia Canoe Club also won the Yonker’s Canoe Club in 1967.

Mrs. Murphy was known to spend 8 to 10 hours a day with her paddlers at Columbia Lake and was quite serious about training champions. She excelled at bringing young paddlers into the sport and fought hard to keep the Bantam age class active and vibrant. She went so far as providing all of the National Bantam medals one year when the governing body did not.

The Bantam trophy was established to honor Mrs. Murphy and her legacy.


2020Not Awarded due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019San Diego Canoe & Kayak Team
2018Gig Harbor Canoe / Kayak Racing Team
2017Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
2016Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
2015Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
2014Gig Harbor Canoe / Kayak Racing Team
2013Gig Harbor Canoe / Kayak Racing Team
2012Gig Harbor Canoe / Kayak Racing Team
2011San Diego Canoe/Kayak Team
2010San Diego Canoe/Kayak Team
2001Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
2000Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
1999Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
1998Newport Aquatic Center
1997Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club & Hilltop Hoppers
1996Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club
1995Newport Aquatic Center
1994Newport Aquatic Center
1993Seattle Canoe Club
1992Seattle Canoe Club
1991Seattle Canoe Club
1990Seattle Canoe Club
1989Hawaii Canoe & Kayak Team
1988Ventura Olympic Canoe Club
1987Ventura Olympic Canoe Club
1986Ventura Olympic Canoe Club
1985Ventura Olympic Canoe Club
1984Sebago Canoe Club
1983Sebago Canoe Club
1982Sebago Canoe Club
1981Columbia Canoe Club
1980Black Anvil Boat Club (First Awarded)