Deborah Page Award

Awarded to the winner of the Women’s C-1 Junior 1000m

The National Championship Junior Women’s C-1 1000m event is named after Deborah Page of the Washington Canoe Club.

Deborah has made and continues to make significant contributions to the sport of canoe/kayak for over 40 years, as a former national team kayaker, ardent canoeist (in many team boat races with none other than WCC’s own Frank Havens), competitor in the U.S. Masters Championships, coach to kayakers and canoeists, US official, and mentor and sponsor of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.

Deborah made history in 2002 with Pam Boteler by becoming the first U.S. Women in Canoe National Champions at the first U.S. Nationals to offer women’s events in all age and boat categories. These events were hosted by the Lake Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club, a long time supporter of women’s canoe events in national and international competition. 

Deborah Page continues to make waves helping prepare para-canoe athletes for competition in the World Championships and Olympics, as well as housing and feeding many athletes at Florida training camps.


2021Sarah Grady
2020Not Awarded – Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Not raced – 500m Nevin Harrison
2018Andreea Ghizila
2017Azusa Murphy
2016Azusa Murphy
2015– Not raced
2014– Not raced
2013– Not raced
2012Lydia Keefe Sampson