Eric Feicht Award

Awarded to the winners of the Men’s K-4 Senior 1000m

Eric Feicht
1917 – 1997

Eric was a dedicated life-long member of the Inwood Canoe Club, which is located on the Hudson River in New York City. In the sixty years with the Club he served in many positions including Treasurer for over 40 years. He served as Head Coach for the organization and in that role taught countless numbers of young people to get into a boat and make it go fast. He was an athlete himself, winning National Championships in both Junior and Senior classes and would continue to kayak in his K1 whenever possible – up to the time of his death.

In his role as coach, he was honored with the appointment as 1960 U.S. Olympic Team Assistant Coach and 1964 U.S. Olympic Team Head Coach. He found his greatest satisfaction as Head Coach of the Inwood Canoe Club in the day to day teaching of young people.

He was an active volunteer in the sport both on a regional and national level. He was a life member of the American Canoe Association, served a Chairman of the National Paddling Committee, and instituted the first certification program for racing officials in the country. He served as a member of the United States Olympic Committee for Canoeing from 1960 to 1972, serving as Chairman from 1968 -1972. He was one of the first Americans to earn certification as an International Canoe Federation official.

In his professional life, Eric was a New York City Fireman from 1951 – 1973, during which time he was awarded the Hero’s Award in 1959 for his double rescue during a fire. He was also a World War II Navy veteran

Throughout his life, he was dedicated to helping people. In many ways he defined the word “coach”. While he was teaching young people how to paddle, he was teaching about life and how to live it. He gave of himself unendingly and was profoundly involved in those he knew. His favorite saying was “Your best friends won’t tell you this but that’s why you have me around”. It speaks tons about him, his honesty and his caring for those he knew. All he ever asked in return was commitment, hard work, integrity, and all the basics of the value system by which we live. He is missed by many.

This trophy was provided by the Inwood Canoe Club who reserves the right to refurbish or retire this trophy at its choosing.


2021500m (1000m not raced) Jesse Lishchuk, Nate Errez, Andrii Monastyrski, Colin McMullen
2020Not Awarded due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Owen Farley-Klacik, Aaron Mullican, Alex Lee, Ethan Palmer
2018Jesse Lishchuk, Alex Lee, Miles Cross- Whiter, Wilson Reavley
2017Aaron Mullican, Stanton Collins, Drew Deppe, Owen Farley-Klacik
2016Zsolt Szadovszki, Alex Lee, Jacob Mc Farlane, Jonathan Chee
2015Miles Cross-Whiter, Nathaniel Errez, Juraj Osusky, Michael Weyna
2014Chris Miller, Tommy Wade, Aaron Mullican, Stanton Collins
2013David Petrovics, Peter Petrovics, Jesse Lishchuk, Ryan Mechini
2012Ryan Dolan, Patrick Dolan, Shawn Kahookele, Kaihe Chong
2011Jake Michael, Luke Michael, Ryan Dolan, Pat Dolan
2010Jean Louis Guinchard, Chris Barlow, Ryan Stock, Borys Markin
2008Brady Bragg, John DePalma, Sheaffer Sorrrells, Morgan House
2007Brandon Wood, Eric Abbott, Peter Newton, Patrick Dolan
2006Tim Hornsby, Morgan House, Andrew Bussey, Daniel Krawczyk
2005Tom Dziadkowice, Andrew Soles, Geoff Calhoun, James Super
2004Greg Barton, John DePalma, Steve Corlew, Ty Hagler
2003Jim Farnum, Benjie Lewis, Jeff Smoke, Brandon Woods
2002Rob Lott, Ty Hagler, Will Griffeth, Jack Taylor
2001Ty Hagler, Robert Lott, Holm Schmidt, Shawn Wilber
2000Curt Bader, Chris Ball, Andrew Bussey, Mike Harbold
1999Stein Jorgensen, John Mooney, Peter Newton, Angel Perez (First Awarded)