Eugene Krawczyk Award

Awarded to the winner of the Men’s K-2 Senior 200m (Note: was 500m)

Eugene and his twin brother Henry emigrated to the United States in 1968 from Poland.

In 1968 Eugene was training on the Polish National Team and hoping to be selected to the Polish Olympic team in that same year. Instead, while the team was training in Bulgaria, he defected and escaped making his way to the United States.

As Polish Jews in communist Poland, they did not have the life that they hoped to live and so instead took a chance and came to America. They were a formidable K-2 team in the US and eventually, after citizenship papers came through Henry was able to compete for Team USA in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada.


2021Aaron Small, Jasper Cadell
2020Not Awarded due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Miles Cross-Whiter and Stanton Collins
2018Stanton Collins and Aaron Mullican
2017Stanton Collins and Aaron Mullican
2016Miles Cross-Whiter and Nathaniel Errez
2015Aaron Mullican and Kalei Kaho’okele
2014Ryan Dolan and Zsolt Szadovski
2013Chris Miller and Stanton Collins
2012Morgan House and Chris Miller
2011Jared McArthur and Carlos Garcia
2010Jared McArthur and Morgan House
2008Patrick Dolan and Ryan Dolan
2007John Mooney and Peter Newton
2006Andrew Bussey and Daniel Krawczyk
2005Peter Newton and Chris Ball
2004Daniel Krawczyk and Brandon Woods
2003Benjamin Lewis and Brandon Woods
2002Rob Lott and Ty Hagler (First Awarded)